安全是第一. 十大网赌靠谱网址平台的第一优先级.

Around electrical infrastructure of all kinds, our message to you is simple: for your own safety, 切勿触碰电线, 爬上电线杆, 玩变压器, or tamper with equipment in any other way.

如果你看到电气设备有问题——电线断了, tree branches growing into wires, an open transformer or something like that – or when in doubt, keep your distance and let us know right away.


家安全想了解更多安全提示? 坦帕电 is a proud partner of the American Red Cross. 了解更多方法 keep your home and family safe 防止火灾.


Electrical fires in our homes claim lives year after year. 其中一些火灾是由电气系统故障和电器缺陷引起的, 但更多的是由于电器的误用和保养不良造成的, 接线安装错误, and overloaded circuits and extension cords. Remember these tips for a safer home. Take time to walk through your house and look for potential problems.

  • 插头应安全地插入插座,插座不应过载. 如果插头似乎不太适合墙壁插座,墙壁插座需要修理. Have an electrician check the outlet. If you have children, cover unused outlets with plastic safety plugs.
  • Water and electricity don't mix. Don't place any electrical appliances near water. 在没有拔掉电器插头之前,千万不要伸手去拿掉进水里的电器.
  • Make sure the proper plug type is in each outlet. 从来没有 force a plug into an outlet if it does not fit. A better solution is to use a two-prong adapter.
  • 检查照明装置中所有灯泡的瓦数,以确保它们的瓦数与灯具的尺寸相符.
  • 确保延长线处于良好状态,没有磨损或破裂. Make sure they are placed out of traffic areas. Don't run electrical cords underneath rugs, 地毯或家具,不要把它们钉在墙壁或踢脚板上.
  • Check to see that extension cords are not overheated. Only use extension cords on a temporary basis; they are not safe as permanent household wiring.
  • 接地故障断路器(gfci)可以防止许多触电. 它们应该在任何可能接触水和电的地方使用, 比如厨房或浴室. 根据制造商的说明定期测试gfci,以确保其正常工作.
  • 断路器和熔断器的尺寸应符合电路的要求. If one appliance repeatedly blows a fuse or trips a circuit breaker, or if it has emitted an electric shock, unplug it and have it repaired or replaced.
  • 使用空间加热器时, 远离窗帘, 家具和其他易燃物品,不要让它整夜开着.
  • 如果您使用延长线,请确保它是重型的,并且状况良好. 另外,确保电线的额定功率能够满足暖气片所需的功率. Don't use household-type extension cords with your space heaters.
  • 避免在浴室里使用取暖器,当你周围有水的时候不要碰取暖器.
  • 确保你的热水器有一个自动开关,在热水器翻倒时切断电流.
  • 使用电热毯时,要注意电线是否有裂缝或断裂. 为了防止过热,确保电热毯上没有任何覆盖物. 从来没有 "tuck in" the sides or ends of your electric blanket.
  • 在用刀叉去除粘住的面包或百吉饼之前,先拔掉烤面包机或烤箱的插头.
  • 安全节能:当充电器和其他电器不使用时,记得拔掉插头.


当你在户外或在家附近工作时,请遵循这些安全提示. 别忘了 挖之前打个电话 to avoid cutting utility lines.

  • 从来没有 remove the third prong of a three-pronged plug. A better solution is to use a two-prong adapter.
  • 只使用耐候性, heavy gauge extension cords marked "For 户外 Use," and make sure it is the proper rating for your equipment.
  • 从来没有 remove safety guards from lawnmowers, power tools, etc.
  • 操作草坪设备时使用护目镜,并按照电动工具手册的建议佩戴相应的安全装备.
  • Keep cords out of your path or work area.
  • Use caution when operating electrical equipment around water. If an electrical tool comes in contact with water, unplug it first. Do not reach into the water for it.
  • 接地故障断路器(gfci)可以防止许多触电. 它们应该在任何可能接触水和电的地方使用——靠近水池, 温泉或喷泉. 根据制造商的说明定期测试gfci,以确保其正常工作.
  • 除非你是一名合格的电工,否则不要尝试自己修理电气产品.


便携式发电机在停电时可以成为救星,但如果使用不当则会致命. 它们会造成火灾、一氧化碳中毒和触电的威胁. 十大国际老虎机平台敦促您遵循这些提示,并在使用前阅读发电机制造商提供的所有信息. 你也可以访问联邦应急管理局 发电机的安全 更多资讯网址.

固定或永久发电机 Icon

在电力中断期间,可以使用由持牌电工安装的固定或永久备用发电机,并包括双掷转换开关. 正确安装的转换开关通过将发电机与主电网隔离以防止回馈,有助于保护线路工人.


connect a portable generator to home circuits. Plug appliances directly into the generator. 将便携式发电机连接到家庭电路可能会导致电力流向外部线路, posing a life-threatening danger to restoration crews.

在室内、封闭的车库、靠近交流管道或其他封闭区域操作便携式发电机. 在住宅或封闭空间运行的便携式发电机会产生致命的一氧化碳气体.

Additional Portable 发电机的安全 Information:


  • 请注意公用事业人员,当工作人员在您的区域时,请关闭发电机. 电线上的电力负荷对维修人员来说是危险的.


  • run an uncovered portable generator in the rain. 在干燥的室外操作,以避免触电的威胁.


  • Call an electrician to repair a generator. 从来没有 attempt to repair it yourself.
  • 安装固定或备用应急发电机时,一定要有持证电工.


  • 始终按照制造商的说明,以确保安全和正确的操作.
  • 以免触电, plug individual appliances into the generator using heavy-duty, 室外额定电线,其线规足以满足电器负载.
  • connect portable generators directly to a breaker panel, 保险丝盒或仪表盒,因为它可能对公用线路工人造成危险.
  • Keep children and pets away from generators.
  • Obey all local, state and national electrical and fire codes.
  • 将汽油储存在经批准的燃料容器中,并置于儿童够不到的地方.
  • Have a fully charged, properly rated fire extinguisher (i.e., rated for electrical and gas fires) ready at all times.
  • 从来没有 replenish fuel in a generator when it is running.


It's easy to get caught up in the holiday rush. 也很容易忘记把安全列入你要记住的事情清单. 在十大网赌靠谱网址平台, where safety is a top priority, we offer these tips to follow in and around your home:

  • 确保你的节日彩灯和电线状况良好(没有坏灯或磨损的电线)。.
  • 从来没有 string holiday lights on or near power lines.
  • 从来没有 use indoor lights outside.
  • 在睡觉或离开家之前,一定要关掉所有的节日灯.
  • 不要把电线放在地毯或门下,也不要放在尖锐的边缘或角落里.
  • Don't overload electrical outlets.
  • Keep all cords away from "traffic lanes" in your home.
  • If you have a natural Christmas tree, make sure it has enough water to keep branches from drying out, 哪些会造成火灾危险.


The heart of the home is the kitchen, where families come together to prepare cherished dishes, 享受舒适的饭菜, 加强他们的联系, especially during the holiday season. 值得注意的是,每五起火灾中就有两起发生在厨房. Here are some tips to help keep you and your family safe:

  • 从来没有 leave cooking unattended; turn off if leaving.
  • 密切监督孩子.
  • Prevent fires - keep stovetop and oven clean and grease-free.
  • Regularly clean stove exhaust hood and duct.
  • Clear area around stove/oven from flammables.
  • Wear short or tight sleeves to prevent clothing fires.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes for kitchen safety.
  • Use back burners and turn pot handles away from reaching hands.
  • Place electrical appliances away from sinks.
  • Plug counter appliances into GFCI outlets.
  • Keep cords away from hot surfaces.
  • Unplug unused countertop appliances.
  • Turn off all appliances after cooking.
  • 磨刀以保安全.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes for kitchen safety.

根据 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Thanksgiving stands out as the busiest day for home cooking fires, closely followed by Christmas Day, 感恩节的前一天, 复活节, 和平安夜. 通过实施这些有用的建议,确保你在节日期间远离家庭烹饪火灾!


每一个挖掘项目,无论大小,都需要拨打811. 查看 颜色代码 for marking underground utility lines.


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